” Naamah¬†or¬†Na’amah¬†(Hebrew:¬†◊†÷∑◊Ę÷≤◊ě÷ł◊Ē‚Äé; “pleasant”) is a¬†demon¬†described in the¬†Zohar, a foundational work of¬†Jewish mysticism. She is often conflated with another¬†Naamah, sister to¬†Tubal-cain. According to the¬†Zohar, after¬†Cain¬†kills¬†Abel,¬†Adam¬†separates from¬†Eve¬†for 130 years. During this time,¬†Lilith¬†and Naamah visit him and bear his demonic children, who became the Plagues of Mankind. She and Lilith cause epilepsy in children. There are mixed views […]

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